As a religious institution, CrossPoint grappled with the perception of utilizing marketing to “sell religion” (aka employing inappropriate or gimmicky marketing techniques to increase membership) and the desire to accurately share the vision, mission, and programs of the church available to the surrounding community.


A comprehensive and effective marketing communications plan was developed that carefully blended the strong biblical principles the church was founded on with messaging that avoids “religious jargon.” You know, the kind of language that makes sense more to those who are already familiar with church.

O3 created unique and compelling positioning, vision and mission, consistent messaging (that emphasized the importance of the church serving the needs of others) across all mediums, along with a cohesive look and feel that was distinctive to CrossPoint.


Marketing Communications Plan, Opportunity Profile Development, Project Management, Logo Development, Collateral ranging from direct mail, handbills, newspaper ads, on-premises signs, e-mail, websites, internet banner ads, and sponsorship of community events.

Having Angela guide you through the process of asking the right questions, listening, and then translating your thoughts into a mission and vision with purpose is invaluable. Her guidance helped us get all our ideas on the table, but she honed in on what made us distinctive within our community.

L. Kamps Director of Communications CrossPoint

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